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KWU (Keller Williams University) strives to offer its associates and brokers the finest career and business training available in the industry. Its educational programs focus on increasing the personal productivity, sales skills and development of its people. KWU courses are taught by certified trainers throughout the US an Canada. Browse through all of our courses or select the topic, location, or instructor you desire with the refined search function.

                        This curriculum teaches the foundational activities
                        associated with building a sales career, a client base
                        and a continuous flow of income.
Mega Sales
                        This curriculum teaches the activities associated with
                        building a Mega Agent Sales Team. It focuses on the
                        application of the best business principles of lead
                        generation, systematic implementation, staff development
                        and financial management.
                        This curriculum teaches the activities associated with
                        the fundamental and advanced skills necessary for a Team
                        Leader or Market Center Administrator to succeed in
                        growing a productive, profitable and stable real estate
                        This curriculum teaches the activities associated with
                        the fundamental and advanced skills necessary to launch,
                        grow and sustain a profitable Keller Williams� Market
                        The purpose of this curriculum is to help you reinvent
                        yourself at those places in your life where you have hit
                        a ceiling of achievement so that you can grow and
                        experience new levels of achievement. The goal is to
                        maximize your life force and personal power so that you
                        may lead a happy, balanced and fulfilling life. Technology
                        This curriculum focuses on the cost-effective,
                        productivity-based application of computer databases and
                        Internet tools to increase productivity, customer
                        service, and business growth. Courses are available at
                        Keller Williams Realty International, locally, and
                        through PowerUp, our new technology training initiative
                        featuring a new partnership with Gateway.
                        This curriculum teaches the key theoretical concepts as
                        they relate to the KWU curriculum and the associated
                        courses and methods.  

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